Local Business [Shoutout]

There’s something satisfying about cupcakes. Even just looking at them, it does something to me. I cant be the only one right? I was lucky enough to have Wanna Cupcake reach out to me because they needed someone to manage their website and socials. Little did they know they would feed my brain and my…

Local business [shout-out]

From the bottom of my heart, I believe in supporting #local. Every time I travel, finding a hidden local gem is on my to-do list. Local taco joint? Let’s go. Microbrewery? Cheers, mate. Shopping for my gracious but particular mother, nothing else would do! Local Business is where it’s at. This month’s Local Business Shout…


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Hi, I’m Millie. Daytime Pizza Slinger, I started moonlighting as a freelance Social Media specialist and graphic designer in 2018. I spend most of time singing, painting or taking pictures of things I find beautiful. This blog is a breathing example of what I do, why I do it and why it matters. Enjoy your read!

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