Local business [shout-out]

From the bottom of my heart, I believe in supporting #local. Every time I travel, finding a hidden local gem is on my to-do list. Local taco joint? Let’s go. Microbrewery? Cheers, mate. Shopping for my gracious but particular mother, nothing else would do! Local Business is where it’s at. This month’s Local Business Shout […]

Writers Block

The most important thing about art is to work. Nothing else matters except sitting down everyday and trying Steven Pressfield – The War of Art It’s very unfortunate that all my best ideas hit me right before I fall asleep, while driving, in the shower… more specifically the exact moment that I can’t write them […]


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Millie Robinson
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Hi, I’m Millie. Daytime Pizza Slinger, I started moonlighting as a freelance Social Media specialist and graphic designer in 2018. I spend most of time singing, painting or taking pictures of things I find beautiful. This blog is a breathing example of what I do, why I do it and why it matters. Enjoy your read!

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