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Proctor Farmers’ Market Ad

proctor farmers’ market

Tacoma, wa

Nestled in Tacoma, the Proctor Farmers Market is a vibrant haven of local produce and community spirit. Each weekend, farmers proudly showcase organic fruits and vegetables, while artisans display handcrafted goods, from jewelry to textiles. More than a marketplace, it’s a gathering place where families enjoy live music, gourmet treats, and friendly exchanges. Emphasizing sustainability, the market fosters a deep connection between consumers and farmers, promoting locally sourced, farm-fresh produce. This bustling hub encapsulates Tacoma’s agricultural heritage and creative energy, inviting visitors to experience the essence of community, one weekend at a time.

Prisma Press has been working closely with the Proctor Farmers’ Market since late 2022, collaborating in commercial ads to be shown at The Grand Cinema in Tacoma, WA. Featured is the latest ad, filmed, edited and designed by Prisma Press.

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Proctor Farmers’ Market

1 Months

Videographer, Editor, Designer

Date Completed
October 2023

The Grand cinema

Introducing The Grand Cinema, the heartbeat of South Sound’s vibrant film community and a haven for cinephiles passionate about independent, international, and local films. The Grand is home to the renowned Tacoma Film Festival, Tacoma Film Camp, and the 253 Short Film Party. As a nonprofit organization, their mission extends far beyond the confines of the silver screen. They are dedicated to enriching lives and nurturing the cultural vitality of the Greater Tacoma community through the transformative power of cinema.

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