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Custom Ordered Succulent Cupcakes from Wanna Cupcake

There’s something satisfying about cupcakes. Even just looking at them, it does something to me. I cant be the only one right?

I was lucky enough to have Wanna Cupcake reach out to me because they needed someone to manage their website and socials. Little did they know they would feed my brain and my belly.

Maybe its the endless flavor possibilities… or maybe its because its a whole lot of goodness that fits right in my hand…but cupcakes make me really happy – and a happy Millie can really do a product justice when it comes to documentation and promotion.

Located in Puyallup, WA on Main Street, this mom and pop shop has been in business over a decade and has the menu to show for it!

THEY ROTATE THEIR MENU DAILY! With over 150 Cupcake Flavors to choose from, no matter the day of week, there’s something new to try. Thats pretty impressive for a locally owned business! They also have a monthly rotating menu- that means when Pumpkin Spice season comes around they can hook you up! They’ve been around long enough to understand what the people want, and boy do they deliver.

Their famous Buttercream frosting is made in house. So is their Caramel, ganache, muffins, scones (you get the idea.) No box mixes here! No “fake” chocolate flavors. THE BEST cupcakes I’ve ever had. They even have a drive thru -Let’s take a moment of silence for our waistlines.

They have been fortunate to find a team of baking geniuses – Cake decorators that will blow your socks off… and if you haven’t seen their custom cookies and cupcakes YOU NEED TO.

#supportlocal and check them out!

2102 E Main St, Puyallup, Wa


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