I have always been a little colorful. From a young age I have had an unwavering obsession with art, music, theater… anything created from one heart in an attempt to reach another. Growing up just above the poverty level, I find myself able to create a lot out of very little. I’ve also learned to celebrate the small wins – and that’s exactly what being happy is – finding joy in the little things.

I have been #blessed to encounter encouraging people on my trek from the drought ridden deserts of Arizona to the lush and lovely PNW – and granted many opportunities to spread my wings and try new thing; allowing me to create from the heart – and within doing so, finding the most organic way of connecting and building your brand within your community.

Your band is an expression of you. I haven’t met too many business owners who grew their business dream with no sense of passion or interest in their area of expertise. My goal in creating Prisma Press is to help you meet your life-long customers and securing the future of your business by forming a real, human and transparent connection with them. I want to aid you in finding an audience that you can grow with – real people who will celebrate those small wins with you!

People are my passion – being a blessing within my community is my #lifegoal. I aim to start the conversation between you and the people you walk by every single day. With a personal, dynamic approach, you will build loyal clientele – and having a one stop shop to do it? That’s the icing on the cake.

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