prism /ˈprizəm/ – A 3-Dimensional shape that separates white light into a spectrum of color.

The Concept of Prisma Press started one sunny day in my very own bedroom. As I was tidying up, I came across my jewelry shelf which was washed with the most vibrant rainbow – making everything sparkle and shine, highlighting the beauty of the delicate chains, colorful beads and intricate charms of necklaces hanging from the wall. Every stone glowed, every gem glistened, and BAM, I snapped a pic and posted it to Instagram.

Impressed with how magical the mundane had become, I realized how important it was to appreciate and highlight those little morsels of beauty,

1. because they’re relatable and

2. Because they’re exceptional.

Being the very first employee for a small business, (as well as their Social Media guru) I was able to submerse myself in the culture, the vision and the trenches of everything that made this business what it was, and what was – was well loved.

…and it was well loved because it was built and grown for the people by the people.

Our community watched us take off, watched us STRUGGLE and watched us overcome first hand through our Social Media. Starting off as a food truck, within just a little over a year we opened our very first Brick and Mortar… and within a the first week of that open, COVID-19 reared it ugly head.

This was supposed to destroy us. Social Media was LITERALLY our only form of advertising, aside from the occasional “Promoted Post” and decals on the company truck. With our light still burning brightly, and with the trust established between us and our followers community, there was a call to action in the form of :

Like. Share. Follow. Repeat.

It has been 9 months since we opened our first Brick and Mortar – we’re planning the open of a SECOND location. Unheard of? Thats the power of representing your authentic self – YOUR DREAM- on the socials.

It’s time to shine your light. Prisma Press will disperse that light -transforming it into colorful words and pictures, and distributing it to every corner in a relatable [but exceptional] form that others can resonate with personally.

Though dispersed, the colors that make up white light never change – your brand should emanate the same constancy. Branding is everything and having one spot to create your logo, themes, marketing materials, and also represent you on your socials is the best way to stay consistent and show your followers that you are dependable and you’re not going anywhere anytime soon. This assurance builds Customers for life and secures a successful future for you.

Reach every corner and make sure they remember your name.

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