Its hard to come up with an original idea these days. It becomes especially evident when you’re looking to start your business and you search your *super original* business name (that you spent 2 weeks crafting) just to find its already taken (As well as anything remotely CLOSE to it)

I enjoy being a creative in any discussion, but especially when discussing business names and brand concepts. One of the most important questions you can ask yourself regarding your business is “What makes you special?” then EXPAND.

Family Owned? That’s special. Homemade confections? That’s Special. Hire with no previous experience? That’s Special. Give back to your community? SPECIAL!

Your culture should be a collection of these special things; ideals and values that set you apart from that cold, “corporate” feel you get at Big Box stores. Your Mission statement shouldn’t just be hidden away in your business plan, it should be painted on your walls for the world to read.

I enjoy consulting with small business owners – they often are bursting with enthusiasm and have nowhere to go but up! I often think in pictures, feel colors from words, and can help compartmentalize your ideas and thoughts, helping clarify what exactly you’re about – and finding a digestible way of sharing that with the world.

So… Show me?

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