Behind the lense

Most of what you see on Instagram is through a filter and may be farther from the truth than your granny’s “glaucoma medicine” (we all know you’re a hippie, grandma.)

Not to imply that it’s wrong to present your best self to the world, but there comes a point where you start to lose touch with the people and start promoting unattainable “ideals” that you yourself may not be able to deliver upon.

Keep your culture at the forefront of everything you do. Bring life to your mission statement. Keep yourself human, even if you’re pushing products.

I’ve attached monthly photo shoots in my Social Media contracts because life is in constant change, every day a new obstacle and everyday a small win that deserves to be celebrated. People want to watch you grow and succeed, so don’t skip out on sharing the journey. Also, having fresh eyes in your store or building helps uncover the small but magical things that we no longer take the time to appreciate because we see it everyday. (like the pins in the “where are you from” map that you hung on the wall)

Community is shaped through the ups and downs – and the best part of the story is between the beginning and the end.

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