We’ll keep this one short for all my right-brainers out there.

Analytics Matter.

Say you’re selling some #dope t-shirts you created to promote your new female-owned business. You posted a photo of one of your #bossbabes rockin’ the new tee and later that day posted the rendering of the shirt that your designer mocked up for you – along with important details about sizes, stock and purchasing information. Which would you assume would get more likes? Views? Engagement? You wont know if you don’t check, because those numbers have everything to fo with your Audience.

If your audience is 13yr old girls, scrolling through the gram (liking posts because of pretty kitty in the background of an mattress ad) a rendering may not be as exciting as an image of a girl in a cute shirt. However, someone (the one who holds the debit card) might be more appreciative of the additional information provided on the “less exciting” rendering. You’ll truly never know until you check.

Having multiple clients, I utilize a post planning app, which allows me to schedule posts in advance. Based on your analytics, I can tailor your post times to line up with the time your followers are most active. This varies GREATLY depending on your industry, the longer your history of analyzing previous trends – the more beneficial this information becomes.

Now imagine the person who analyzes this information is the same person who designs your t-shirts, takes your pictures, creates your ads and posts for you.

…nice, right?

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