Project Fat Zach’s

Fat Zach’s and I go WAY back…back before the very beginning in fact! I met Zach (THE Fat Zach) in the insurance world in 2017, an entire year before the conception of what is now a $3M business. After hearing Zach’s dream, I couldn’t help but buy in – with a name like that, how could he fail?! From his very first event, I was right there, learning how to stretch dough and make pies. Zach had noticed some of my photography and creative skills and let me shoot my shot at running FZ’s Social Media, and as his following grew, so did his faith in my creative ability.. and so did their needs. My boundaries were tested as an artist, and as I rose to every occasion, I walked a way with an arsenal of skillsets and qualifications – making me a *tiny* but strong presence in the community – and lit my fire to help other small businesses get off the ground and stay there!

Helping build Fat Zach’s from the ground up also offered me keen insight into the food and food truck industries and has given me opportunities to create marketing materials, menus, A frames, wraps – anything you could need to market this industry as well, which means I can offer the things you didn’t know you needed!


Ads, coupons & branded signage





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