Say yes more.

There are two types of people in this world: those whose look for opportunity and those who make it happen.

Jay Samit

Saying yes doesn’t always seem so easy. We often “Future Trip” about possible scenarios that will lead us to a failure of some sort, which paralyzes us and prevents us from reaching our potential. STOP DOING THAT.

All it takes to change your life is 20 seconds of courage, and the word “yes” is a one second word (just sayin’
) Don’t miss opportunities because you’re afraid your not qualified. Not far enough along. Not smart enough. Don’t know enough.

Staring Prisma Press was my “yes” moment. Starting this website Dec. 31, saying yes to my 2021 future. Being a free lancer previous, I took on a lot of projects that I had no idea how I was going to approach – and ended up exceeding expectation. Not to toot my own horn but… it’s been like that EVERY SINGLE TIME. No, I don’t think I’m God’s gift to the world or some creative prodigy, I just believe if there’s a will there’s a way. Persistence pays… and also.. there’s google.

Utilize what you have – its most likely more than enough! Next opportunity – you say yes, ok?

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